Important Update -HarpreetKumar.Com Hindi Blog Moving From Hinglish To English

From the starting am writing in Hinglish language. Then why am writing in English language today? Why I moved from Hinglish to the English language suddenly?, Why am doing this?

What’s the benefit behind? Why I prefer to move from Hinglish to the English language.

I know all these types many questions running in your mind. To know the reason behind keep reading this article till the end the last line. I bet, you are really going to know the answer why I chose to move from Hinglish to the English language.

HarpreetKumar.Com Hindi Blog Moving From Hinglish To The English

When did I get In Mind To Change Blogging Language (Moving From Hinglish To The English)?

Actually, after Google update in February 2017, many Hinglish bloggers moved to the Hindi language. I don’t say am sure about it, that Google will avoid Hinglish language in future. But after reading many discussions in forums, not a single webmaster was sure about it.

Even I’m not sure that 90% Hinglish blogger moved to Hindi. I was also thinking on same track

Then what was happened I changed my mind to English

Am I boring you …?

Maybe yes but keep reading to know the truth…

After Google algorithm update many Hinglish bloggers stopped blogging and the other big parts of them are thinking to stop soon? Rest of continued and moved to Hindi and English.

But why?

Because Hinglish is most popular language to chat, massage and some more in writing its quite simple.

Not others, tell you about mine, from the beginning I used the internet also using Hinglish to chat, text and share thoughts with friends and relatives on mobile. Now if suddenly wish to write in the Hindi language, I don’t feel comfortable to type fast as Hinglish. After reading above line many bloggers will laugh that but it’s true that I wrote above. So I prefer to write in English in future.

I don’t lie to you guys, but am not good in this language. But you know I have a bad habit to learn new things, and this will succeed me in the English language.

Someday somewhere I had read these lines, “There are only two rules for being successful. One, figure out exactly what you want to do, and two, do it”

I have decided then I will do it too.

Which Language Is Better For You? Hindi, Hinglish Or English?

Here am not comparing these three languages. But just going to provide you with some advantages and disadvantages to choosing best for your blogging journey.


I admit, Hinglish best for all Indian Hindi bloggers, I also started with this too. Because it’s quite simple to write and can also target some global countries too. But we should also remember it’s not an official language by Google and other search engines.

Currently, Google supports Hinglish and give rank to articles that fit on search queries. But we are not 100% sure in future Google baba will keep ranking this language articles.

So why should take a risk instead, we have a choice to choose another one.


Hindi is an Indian national language also supported by Google officially, that includes Adsense services too. According to my experience, to targeting India audience, Hindi is the best language for long-term blogging.

Where Hindi have advantages to be risk-free, it also having a bad side that we can’t target some others countries like Pakistan, Nepal audiences. We know they used to speak this language but can’t read it. They actually used to write and read in Hinglish.

But to target Indian readers, Hindi could be the best language for blogging, where not enough competition yet.


Finally, if we move to the English language then surely going to face huge competition too with the global audience. English is a worldwide language that supported by almost all countries on earth.

Choosing English will bring much traffic than Hinglish or Hindi blogging. But the best past is we can target the whole world. For blog monetization purposes like affiliate marketing or AdSense can earn more money instead of target 1 or 2 more countries only.

Here Is Why I Chosen The English Language?

We all know, blogging is all about to make money online. I hear and read many bloggers say, they motive to blogging is to help people. It’s their hobby. But not true at all.

In this busy life who want to help other without reasons?

Do you?

Of course not…….

Everyone running for money. Even its job or any real job. We do hard work to earn cash.

Blogging is all about to provide knowledge in specific topics and earning cash. That we all do. Same with me. I also started blogging to earn extra money by part time and I admit it.

Because India has low CPC rate instead of other countries like Singapore, United States, UK, Canada etc.

I used some English keywords that target some countries wich provides High Adsense CPC.

What happens if all keywords in English?

You can imagine……more global audience and more income also.

This is all I used to learned from some previous days and finally chosen to write in English to continues my blogging journey.

I don’t know maybe am the first blogger that moving from Hinglish to the English language.

Final Lines: Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step to start.

It’s my duty to provide you about it with. Next, your’s to decide what you are going to start with…… Do give your reviews on my decision to move from Hinglish to the English or Hindi language? Or will stay on same track? I will like to know, what’s your decision after reading this article.


  1. bhai mere ko apne adsence me ek nayi site or jodni h. pahle se ek website aproved h nayi ko kaise add karu.
    please help……

  2. It’s awesome decision bro. I already suggested you to choose English. Get famous globally why to stay in indian traffic only which is giving maximum 0.04$ CPC.

    on my blog i usually gets 1-2 click on the adsense but the cpc of them is very high i,e above 0.06, 0.10 like this.
    i never get 0.01 CPC till now.

  3. It’s an absolute and perfect decision…. I love the ideas and tips …. easy to understand …. hats off to you

  4. It’s awesome decision bro. I already suggested you to choose English. Get famous globally why to stay in indian traffic only which is giving maximum 0.04$ CPC.

    on my blog i usually gets 1-2 click on the adsense but the cpc of them is very high i,e above 0.06, 0.10 like this.
    i never get 0.01 CPC till now.

  5. Ok..Bro I appreciate your thinking and descision. But what about hinglish articles on your blog!?? Are you going to delete them?? Or converting them to english.

  6. There are many people who are not good in English and your blogs were easy to understand for them. They might not be happy after this language change.
    But as you said, everyone should learn new things. I am damm sure that you will continue guiding if anyone comments in hinglish. ☺


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