How To Delete A Paytm Account & Wallet Permanently

Recently I had published a guide on how to create an account on Paytm. Thus for many users, it was proven helpful guide.

But there are many other Paytm customers doesn’t want to keep their account on Paytm wallet. So in this guide, I will have written the complete solution on how to disable your Paytm account as there is no way to delete a Paytm account permanently.


How To Delete A Paytm Account Permanently

I am Paytm customer from 2013 and impressed with their services. Paytm wallet is popular on offering discounts and coupons on dish and mobile recharges. They also offer to transfer money from your Paytmwallet to bank account @1% charges only while other India online wallets like Mobilkwik charges up to 4% of the transaction amount.

Actually, they are doing an awesomely great job to explore their online business by becoming the biggest players in the e-commerce space of India. Now they also offer to create seller account to earn money by side without investments.

How to Delete Your Paytm Account Permanently?

As I already mentioned there is no way to delete a paytm account permanently but you have the choice to remove or disable your paytm wallet account by sending an email to [email protected] using your registered email address (the one you used while signing up on Paytm) regarding your account deactivation.

Either, in the email, you can mention some lines that why you want to disable you Paytm account. So it will help them to understand your reason for disabling your account.

Here is a quick email example that you can use to send an email to [email protected] for removing your account.

To: [email protected]
Subject: Request to block my account
Message (example):
Dear Paytm Customer care team,
I have an account on Paytm along with email (registered email address) and mobile number (98******88) that I’m not using anymore and I want to block it.
Last 3 transaction details: (if there were any, you can for example send them the data you performed your last 3 transactions)
Kind regards,
(your name)

Once they review your email, it will take less than 2 days to complete deactivation of you Paytm account.

I hope in this guide you successfully learned how to delete an account on Paytm permanently. If you have any question related to this post please feel free to ask through comments.

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