Google ke Voice Command ki List jo karde apka kaam asaan


Android smartphones me Google voice command app default and sabse jyada use hone wala app ban giya hai. Yeh text input or voice command dono par kaam karta hai. agar apko koi note/reminder save karna hai toh google voice commander faydemand app hai.yeh app use karne ke liye mobile data/wifi connected hona chahye.


Neeche kuch voice command list diye hai jiska use karke ap bahut se kaam asaan kar skte hai.

App-Specific Voice Command

  1. Send a [WhatsApp] message to [Home]
  2. Send a [Telegram] message to [Home]
  3. Send a [WeChat] message to [Home]
  4. Send a message with WhatsApp
  5. Send a message to [Home] with [Messenger]
  6. Search for [document name] in Drive
  7. Set the temperature to [X] degrees
  8. Show me [Larry Page] on LinkedIn
  9. Shazam this song
  10. Open TuneIn in car mode
  11. Show Instacart availability
  12. Scan my receipt in Walmart
  13. Launch [Play Store]
  14. Take a [photo / picture / selfie]
  15. Record a video

Notes & Reminders ke liye Voice Command List

  1. Remind me to [Call Home] at [3 PM]
  2. Remind me [when I get / next time I’m at] [home / work / other location] [to send an email to Boss]
  3. Wake me up in 6 hours
  4. Note to self: [Quality is always better than quantity]
  5. Make a note to [insert note here. You can also add a specific app name]
  6. Set a timer for [30 minutes]
  7. Set alarm for [6:30 AM]
  8. Create a calendar event: [Giveaway on website] [Sunday at 9 PM]
  9. When’s my [next meeting]
  10. What is my schedule for [next Sunday]

Time and Date pata karne ke liye Google ki Voice Command List

  1. What time is it in [China]
  2. When is the sunset [in Japan]
  3. What is the time zone of [India]
  4. Time at home
  5. Create a calendar event: [Meet Narender] [Sunday at 5 PM]
  6. Weather [Saturday at 5 PM]
  7. Do I need an umbrella today? [Sunday at 5 PM]
  8. What’s the weather like?[Sunday at 5 PM]
  9. Is it going to rain [tomorrow / any day]
  10. What’s the weather in [New York][Sunday at 5 PM]
  11. How’s the weather in [Dubai] on [Wednesday] going to be?

Communication ke liye Google ki Voice Command List

  1. Call [Narender]” “Call [Home] on speaker phone
  2. Call [KFC]
  3. Call [Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister]
  4. Send [email] to Narender, [Subject: Meeting], [Message: Will be there in 15min]
  5. Send [SMS] to [Dad], [don’t forget to buy me a chocolate]
  6. [Contact name]
  7. Find [Dad’s] [phone number / email / address]

Navigation ke liye Google ki Voice Command List

  1. Map of [Mumbai]
  2. Where’s my hotel?
  3. Where is the [Statue of Liberty]
  4. Show me the nearby [restaurant] on map
  5. Navigate to [New York] on car
  6. How far is [New York] from [California]
  7. Directions to [address / business name / other destination]
  8. What are some attractions in [Mumbai]

Calculations ke liye Google ki Voice Command List

  1. What is the tip for [150] rupees?
  2. Convert [currency / length …] to [currency / length …]
  3. How much is [20] times [50]
  4. What is [30] percent of [500]
  5. Square root of [144]
  6. [arithmetic expression] equals

Dosto yeh thi Google ke voic command ki list. i hope ap iski mada se apne bahut se kaam asaan kar sakte hai. Apko yeh jankari kaise lagi comment kake jarur batye sath me apne social networking sites par bhi share kare.

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